Burglary Crimes Against The Elderly

May 12, 2001

"Burglary Crimes against the Elderly"
Press Conference
Tuesday, May 15, 2001, at 10:00 AM
1936 East 1st Street, Hollenbeck Community Police Station
Hollenbeck Area Detectives
The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a multitude of burglaries throughout the Southern California area involving elderly victims. The motive of operation of the suspects has been to pose as Department of Water and Power employees construction workers or tree trimmers, who ask permission to enter their residence. In one incident, the victim accompanied the suspect to their backyard and allowed them to trim their neighbor’s tree, while a second suspect entered the victim’s bedroom and removed valuables.
Unfortunately, the victims of these crimes are elderly persons, with an average age of 84 years, who lose family heirlooms, and their life savings.
These burglaries have been occurring in the Hollenbeck area, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Central and South Los Angeles. Hollenbeck Burglary Detectives are asking the media’s assistance in advising the residents of Los Angeles to be aware of these suspects and not allow them access to their residence without verifying their identity.
For further information, please contact Hollenbeck Detective D. Perez at
This press release was prepared by Officer La Donna Cissell, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.