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December 21, 2010

News Conference
December 17, 2010
11 a.m.                  
LAPD Police Administration Building, Compstat Room
100 West First Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Speaking Participants:
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paul Seave, State Director, Gang and Youth Violence Policy, Office of the Governor
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, City of Los Angeles
Chief Charlie Beck, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)  

Non-Speaking Participants: 
Councilmember Alejandro Chavez, Soledad City Council• Chief Robert Fager, Interim Chief of Police, Hawthorne Police Department• Chief Louis Fetherolf, Salinas Police Department• Keith L. Foster, Deputy Chief of Police, Fresno Police Department• Councilmember Victor Gomez, Hollister City Council• Chief Joe Grebmeier, Chief of Police, Greenfield Police Department• Commander Scott Hebert, Special Operations Division Commander, Oxnard Police Department• Mayor John Huerta, Jr., City of Greenfield• Mayor F. Richard Jones M.D., City of Fullerton• Chief William Lansdowne, Chief of Police, San Diego Police Department• Chief Chris Magnus, Chief of Police, Richmond Police Department• Chief Jim McDonnell, Chief of Police, Long Beach Police Department• Chief Jeff Miller, Chief of Police, Hollister Police Department  ∙  Mayor Patrick J. Morris, City of San Bernardino• Mayor Ernesto Olivares, City of Santa Rosa• Mayor Maria Orozco, City of Gonzales• Chief Camerino Sanchez, Chief of Police, Santa Barbara Police Department• Chief Phillip L. Sanchez, Chief of Police, Pasadena Police Department• Mayor Helene Schneider, City of Santa Barbara• Chief Tom Schwedhelm, Chief of Police, Santa Rosa Police Department• Chief Michael F. Sellers, Chief of Police, Fullerton Police Department• Chief Eric C. Sills, Chief of Police, Soledad Police Department• Chief Paul M. Walters, Chief of Police, Santa Ana Police Department