California State University of Northridge Study Results NA17011ml

January 25, 2017

WHAT: Press conference announcing CSUN study results

WHEN: Thursday, January 26, 2017 8:30 a.m.

WHERE: 7226 North Sepulveda Boulevard Van Nuys, California 91405 (on the Median)

WHO: Councilwoman Nury Martinez Deputy Chief Robert Green, Operations Valley Bureau LAPD Lieutenant Marc Evans Dr. Henrik Minassians

WHY: A recently completed CSUN study identifies specific public infrastructure and environmental factors that contribute to the human trafficking epidemic that exists along the Sepulveda Boulevard and Lankershim Boulevard corridors. In the study findings, which will be released Thursday morning, Dr. Henrik Minassians and Dr. David Lopez identified specific places where overgrown trees block lighting, areas where street lighting is non-existent, and other places where small community improvements would make the area less inviting to illegal activities.

This study, a project of the Operations-Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force, is one element of a much larger coordinated effort led by Councilwoman Nury Martinez and LAPD Deputy Chief Bob Green to systematically target and reduce human trafficking in the San Fernando Valley. The task force, launched in late 2015, employs elements of education, enforcement and environmental changes. While the study identifies the built environmental changes needed, enforcement and engagement elements have been in full effect since the task force was launched. Updates to those elements of the task force’s work will also be shared at Thursday’s press conference.

VISUALS: Tree trimming by city crews to take place in one identified trouble spot at same location, immediately following the conclusion of the press conference.

Contact: If you have any questions feel free to call Media Relations Division at 213-486-5910.