Categorical Use of Force in Hollenbeck NRF008-24ne

March 29, 2024

Los Angeles: On March 1, 2024, at around 4: p.m., Central Traffic Division (CTD) uniformed officers responded to a radio call of an “Ambulance Traffic Collision” at North Alameda Street and the 101 Freeway.

During their investigation, the officers arrested the suspect, later identified as Brian Goldberg, for felony DUI of Drugs with Traffic Collision. Goldberg sustained injuries to his face and head during the traffic collision.

Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Rescue Ambulance transported Goldberg to a local hospital for medical treatment. While officers and LAFD personnel were escorting Goldberg down the hospital hallway, he became aggressive and tried to get off the gurney. The officers verbalized with Goldberg to get back onto the gurney, but he refused to comply with commands. When Goldberg became combative with the officers and attempted to bite them, a Categorical Use of Force occurred. During the use of force, one of the officers placed his clenched hand against Goldberg’s throat area and later placed his open hand around Goldberg’s neck. Goldberg did not sustain any additional injuries during the use of force.

No officers or other community members were injured as a result of this incident. Force Investigation Division (FID) investigators responded to the scene and are investigating this incident.