Central Vehicular Pursuit

October 21, 1998

Tuesday, October 20, 1998
On Tuesday, October 2, 1998 at approximately 10:05 p.m., Central Area uniformed officers were on routine patrol in the industrial area of downtown Los Angeles. The officers observed a tan 1984 Toyota Celica, License No. 1KHB431, stopped with no lights on. There were two males leaning against the passenger side window. As the officers black and white neared the Toyota, the driver (a male Black) pulled from the curb and began to drive away. There was one male seated in the front passenger seat. The officers checked the license status and learned that the Toyota had been reported stolen on October 19, 1998 in Newton Area.

The officers requested back-up and followed the stolen Toyota as it entered the southbound Hollywood 101 and eastbound Pomona 60 Freeways. LAPD helicopter and back-up units pulled in behind the primary unit and a vehicle pullover was attempted at Downey Road off ramp of the eastbound Pomona 60 Freeway. The suspect quickly began to accelerate in an attempt to flee and a vehicle pursuit was initiated.

During the pursuit, information was broadcast indicating the suspects might be armed from a previous incident. It was determined that four units would remain in the pursuit in order to ensure safe management of the pursuit and subsequent arrest.

The suspect began to enter the southbound Long Beach 710 Freeway and pulled to the side, allowing the passenger to exit the vehicle. The driver then sped away southbound on the Long Beach 710 Freeway. The passenger was detained without incident by a trailing unit.

The pursuit continued southbound on the Long Beach 710 Freeway to the southbound Santa Ana 5 Freeway, exiting the Atlantic/Bandini off ramp. The suspect drove along surface streets and ultimately reentered the northbound Long Beach 710 Freeway and then eastbound on the San Bernardino 10 Freeway. After exiting the San Bernardino10 Freeway at Fremont, the suspect reentered the eastbound San Bernardino 10 Freeway, exiting at Del Mar. The pursuit drove along Del Mar, Mission, Atlantic Boulevard, Las Tunas, San Gabriel, Huntington Drive, Rosemead Boulevard and back to Las Tunas, Main Street and Huntington Drive. At Huntington Drive and Soto Street, the suspect’s vehicle stalled. He was ordered out of the car and placed into custody without incident.
During its course, the pursuit was at times joined by Hollenbeck, Los Angeles Sheriffs, Alhambra Police Department, San Gabriel Police Department, and numerous other outside entities. These agencies were contacted and requested to back off the pursuit to avoid the potential for increased risk.

Subsequent interviews with the passenger of the car revealed he did not know the driver and was not aware that the vehicle had been stolen. He was released without booking.

The suspect, Typhany Wade, M/Black, was booked at Jail Division for Felony Evading.

For Release 12:00 pm PST
October 21, 1998