Chaleff Report Statement NR21066ti

March 11, 2021

Los Angeles: The Department has received the report, “An Independent Examination of the Los Angeles Police Department – 2020 Protest Response,” led by Independent Counsel Mr. Gerald Chaleff and his team and will provide comments once we have had an opportunity to carefully review the report in its entirety. Previously, the Department also initiated our own internal report and anticipates that a third report from the National Police Foundation will also be released by the end of this month. It is the Department’s intent to review the findings and recommendations from all three reports, identify areas of improvement, and a path forward. To provide detailed comments beforehand would be premature.

Independent of the three reports, the Department recognized areas of improvement from the events that occurred over the summer, and in the spirit of our Core Value, Quality Through Continuous Improvement, implemented several changes. Although the Chief of Police has taken responsibility for the Department’s response over the summer, we have also identified lessons learned from the civil unrest. As a result, additional training was provided to the rank and file, as well as the command staff and leadership of the Department. The opportunity to learn from our mistakes, to grow, and become better servants to our community is welcomed, and we look forward to leaning into the challenges before us.

After the events of the summer, intensive Crowd Management and Crowd Control training was provided to nearly 4,200 personnel, including instruction on interaction with the media. Additionally, to date, over 7,500 officers have received Command and Control training. Following the implementation of the added training the Department successfully managed significant demonstrations and protests prior to and during the national elections and the Presidential Inauguration. We will continue to look at lessons learned and make efforts to ensure people are able to express themselves safely.

It is our Department’s commitment to facilitate people’s ability to express their First Amendment rights, while ensuring that those who prey upon others are unable to disrupt public safety, commit acts of violence, or destroy property.