Change In Dispatch Policy For the LAPD

May 17, 2004

Los Angeles: As of May 16, 2004, the Los Angeles Police Department has changed the policy in which radio calls are dispatched to patrol officers.
The factors the Department evaluates in categorizing emergency calls for service include:

A serious public hazard;
The preservation of life;
A crime of violence in progress; and,
The prevention of crime of violence.

In the past, while calls for service were categorized as either emergency, urgent or routine, the Department utilized four designations.

Code Three – Emergency Calls for Service
Code Two High – Urgent or Emergency Calls for Service
Code Two – Urgent Call for Service; and,
Routine – Response by Uniformed Officers maybe interrupted by other activities.

It is anticipated that the modification of the previous policy; largely the removal of Code Two High classification and the categorization of calls as either Emergency or Urgent, will result in a more effective management of calls for service. It is the judgement of the dispatchers, supervisors and responding officers that determines whether a call warrants an Emergency or Urgent classification.
The Department will continue to respond to calls for service, regardless of its designation, in a manner which will enable the police officers to respond as soon as possible with due regard for safety.
This news release was prepared by Public Information Officer Edward Funes, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.