Chief Beck Hosting “Annual Crime Fighter’s Conference” and the Violence Reduction Network NR16065jj

February 25, 2016

Los Angeles: Chief Charlie Beck’s “Annual Crime Fighter’s Conference” will bring 30 law enforcement executives and United States Department of Justice officials from across the Country to collaborate on this year’s theme “Building Trust and Improving Effectiveness in 2016”. The two day conference provides intensive training and technical assistance particularly to agencies that have experienced violence levels that far exceed the National average.

The law enforcement executives and their agencies are part of the Justice Department’s Violence Reduction Network (VRN). The VRN includes law enforcement from Baltimore, Camden County (NJ), Detroit, Flint (MI), Little Rock, Milwaukee, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (Compton), New Orleans, Newark, Richmond (CA), West Memphis (AR), and Wilmington (DE). They represent jurisdictions in diverse geographic regions with distinctive characteristics, such as multiple Federal initiatives or a unique law enforcement structure.

Joining the group will be Department of Justice officials from the United States Attorney’s Office, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the COPS Office, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Chief Beck said in preparation for his annual conference “law enforcement agencies should collaborate with community members to develop policies and strategies, build trust, create partnerships, listen to the community, and then work together to make those things happen.”

One of the key purposes of the VRN visit is to hear and see the evidence-based programs of the LAPD. The agenda includes remarks from The Honorable Mayor Eric Garcetti, Chief Beck discussing “Trust and Effectiveness as Measures of a Police Department”, the success of the data driven policing strategies of “LASER” and “Predpol” (predictive policing), the value of Community Surveys, Body Worn Video, Community Engagement, Media Relations, COMPSTAT, Building Public Trust, among other classes and demonstrations.

In addition to Department personnel facilitating and instructing, Chief Beck has also invited outside experts to impart their unique knowledge. Inspector Andre Ramsey of the London Metropolitan Police will provide a keynote address on Community Surveys and Predictive Analytics, Dr. Jeff Brantingham will instruct the value of Predictive Policing, Dr. Craig Uchida will present findings from Justice and Security Strategies, and LASD Sheriff Jim McDonnell will give an overview for the conference.