Chief Bratton Announcement of Command Staff Promotions

June 29, 2006

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton announced several promotions and assignments of Department command officers at a Staff Officers training session today. Several members of those promoted will assume new commands as other LAPD managers announce their retirements.

“I am pleased to announce these promotions and movement of staff,” said LAPD Chief William Bratton. “All have shown their ability to be effective and creative in their current assignments. The promotions and movement will give each of these staff officers an opportunity to build on their successes.”

The following assignments and promotions will become effective over the next several months:

Commander Charlie Beck has been promoted to Deputy Chief Operations South Bureau. He replaces Earl Paysinger who was recently promoted to Assistant Chief of the Office of Operations for retiring Assistant Chief George Gascon.

Moving from Operations West Bureau, where he currently works as Assistant Commanding Officer, is Commander Kirk Albanese. He will become Assistant to the Director, Office of Operations.

Promoted from Captain III to Commander is Jim Voge who currently heads up Professional Standards Bureau Force Investigation Division. He replaces Commander Eric Lillo, Commanding Officer Internal Affairs Group, who will become the new Assistant Commanding Officer Operations West Bureau.

Promoted to Captain III from Captain II is Kris Pitcher who is currently assigned to Detective Bureau. He will assume a position in Professional Standards Bureau.

Captain III Rich Meraz, currently Commanding Officer Southeast Division moves to Detective Bureau.

Moving from Training Division to Commanding Officer of Southeast Division is Captain III Rick Jacobs.

Captain I Bill Murphy, currently Patrol Captain Newton Division, is being promoted to Captain III and will lead Training Division.

Replacing Murphy as Patrol Captain for Newton Division is newly promoted Captain I Bill Eaton.

Also being promoted from Captain I to Captain II is Horace Frank. Currently the Patrol Captain at Southeast Area, Frank moves to Counter Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau and will replace Captain II Charles Roper, who has announced his retirement.

Replacing Frank at Southeast Area as Patrol Captain is newly promoted Captain I Matt Blake.

Also promoted to Captain I is Mark Olvera. He becomes the new Patrol Captain at Hollenbeck Area, replacing Captain I Doug Shur, who has announced his retirement.

Captain III Jerry Szymanski will move from the position of Commanding Officer Devonshire Division to assume Command of the Detective Bureau’s Narcotics and Vice Division. He replaces Captain III Bruce Crosley who has announced his retirement.

Replacing Captain Szymanski as Commanding Officer of Devonshire Division will be Captain III Sean Kane. He is currently Commanding Officer of Newton Division.

Captain I Denis Cremins, currently Patrol Captain at Rampart Division, is being promoted to Captain III and will become the new Commanding Officer of Newton Division.

Replacing Captain Cremins at Rampart Division as the new Patrol Captain is Captain I Jose Perez, who is currently the Patrol Captain at Northeast Division.

Promoted to Captain I is Eric Davis who becomes the new Patrol Captain for Northeast Area.

Promoting to Captain III is Clay Farrell, current Patrol Captain for Wilshire Division. Captain Farrell will become the new Hollywood Area Commanding Officer, replacing Captain Ron Sanchez who has announced his retirement.

Phil Tingirides has been promoted to the position of Captain I and will assume the duties of Commanding Officer Wilshire Patrol Division.