Chief Bratton Announces Promotions

January 27, 2006

Los Angeles: Chief William Bratton announced three promotions yesterday:

Commander Kirk Albanese, who was in charge of the area serviced by the Mission Police Station, was promoted to Commander. He will become the Assistant Commanding Officer of Operations-West Bureau, which oversees operations for the Pacific, Hollywood, West Los Angeles, and Wilshire police stations.
Captain Michael Moriarty was promoted from patrol captain at the Hollywood Police Station to replace Captain Albanese as the commanding officer of the Mission Police Station.
Lieutenant Joe Mariani was promoted to Captain. He will replace Captain Moriarty as the patrol captain at the Hollywood Police Station. Lieutenant Mariani had been assigned to the TEAM II Development project, managing the creation of the TEAMS II personnel management system. Joe Mariani is a 29-year veteran of the LAPD.

Biographies and photographs of Albanese and Moriarty are available on the web site by clicking on their names. The promotions will be effective January 29, 2006.