Chief Bratton Names New Assistant Chief

June 27, 2006

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton announced the pending promotion of Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger to Assistant Chief this evening during a community meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners, which was held at the Prince Hall Memorial Auditorium in South Los Angeles.

"In a Department that has no shortage of talent, Chief Paysinger has consistently been second to none in his commitment to this department and to the community he serves," said Chief Bratton. "Earl’s pride, compassion, experience and professional skills will serve him well as he assumes his new position. I have the utmost confidence that he will continue and expand upon the exemplary performance of retiring Assistant Chief George Gascon, with whom Earl has worked so closely over the last three years."

Paysinger is the highest ranking African-American police officer in the LAPD. He will replace Assistant Chief George Gascon, who has been recommended as chief of police for Mesa, Arizona. Paysinger’s appointment will be effective in August, upon Gascon’s departure.

"This is a tremendous and exciting opportunity for me and I am grateful that Chief Bratton has placed his faith and trust in me," said Paysinger. "I see this as a chance to replicate the community-based policing strategies citywide that have worked so successfully in South Bureau over the past few years."

Deputy Chief Paysinger is well regarded in the South Los Angeles community for improving the partnership between police and local residents. "It has to be more than just two sides trusting one another," Paysinger has said. "Long gone are the days when police can solve all of the problems, all of the time, all alone. Both sides have to roll up their sleeves and get down to the business of making the neighborhoods safer for everyone."

In his nearly 30 years of service, Deputy Chief Paysinger has been assigned as the Employee Relations Administrator and as Captain for DARE Division and the Newton Street Police Station. Paysinger will be one of three assistant chiefs, reporting directly to Chief Bratton.

"LAPD’s success lies in its ability to understand the community’s complexities and effect positive change," Paysinger added. "The race to make LA the safest big city in the nation isn’t a 100-yard dash; it’s a marathon."

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