Chief Moore’s Statement Appointment of Interim Chief of Police NR24049bb

February 7, 2024

Today, with the unanimous decision by the Board of Police Commissioners appointing Assistant Chief Dominic Choi as the Interim Chief of Police, I extend my congratulations and pledge my full support in the transition of command of the Los Angeles Police Department as I retire at the end of February.

I have known Assistant Chief Choi for many years, having the privilege of seeing his accomplished leadership skills and unbridled commitment to this Department in various positions including as my aide more than a decade ago to more recently as my Chief of Staff, Director, Office of Support Services and currently as the Director, Office of Operations. Dominic possess a comprehensive combination of extensive knowledge of Department operations at all levels with extraordinary people skills and team building capabilities.

With the Commission’s appointment of Assistant Chief Choi as the Interim Chief of Police, I have every confidence the Department is in good hands as it pursues an aggressive agenda of initiatives while continuing to improve the public’s trust and safety.

The Board of Police Commissioners was tasked with identifying the best individual to serve in this transitional role, and clearly took their responsibilities seriously. I congratulate all those from within the Department as well others who stepped forward to compete for this challenging position. I am confident each possessed various qualifications and unique qualities. Their engagement strengthened the Commission’s deliberations and deepened my confidence the Commissioners have chosen carefully.

With this appointment now comes the next important step for the Board of Police Commissioners as it sets out on the task of identifying the qualities and attributes the next Chief of Police must have in order to serve the needs of the people of Los Angeles. Given their deliberate and thoughtful approach demonstrated thus far, I am confident they will accomplish their Charter defined responsibilities successfully.