City of Los Angeles Enjoys Peaceful Art Walk NR12383an

August 10, 2012

Los Angeles:  The Los Angeles Police Department would like to compliment the public on a safe, successful and peaceful Downtown Art Walk last night.  Once again we demonstrated that Los Angeles is a world class City where people with diverse backgrounds and ideologies can enjoy a peaceful evening together.

On Thursday, August 9, 2012, the Los Angeles Downtown Art District hosted the Art Walk as it has for the past eight years in the downtown corridor.  The public travelled from all parts of regions as well as hundreds of visitors from foreign countries who strolled through the galleries, eateries and shops along the four blocks of Spring Street.  For those who attended, they saw a friendly presence of Los Angeles Police Officers strolling among them and staged at intersections to ensure public safety as pedestrians and vehicles moved along from block to block along the heavily congested Art Walk.

The interaction between the public and the police was pleasant, and there seemed to be a common thread of enjoyment by all in attendance.  There were numerous comments from the public that even the officers, who were clad in their blue uniforms displayed a sense of enjoyment among the throngs who gathered.  Whether walking a foot-beat, riding atop horseback or perched over the seat of a bicycle, it was an evening that was interactive, public friendly and fitting of this monthly downtown event.

“The motto of the Los Angeles Police Department is “to Protect and to Serve” and last night was truly a hallmark example of just how well the men and women of this fine Department embody that motto” said Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger.  “The Los Angeles Police Department is a leader in protecting not only the public safety but also the rights of ALL person’s as long as those rights are expressed in a lawful manner”.  Chief Paysinger added, “last night was a success because the public made the event a success.  Those who participated in the Art Walk as well as those who participated in other activities including those that occurred in Pershing Square, were able to coexist in exemplary fashion.”  The six-hour event resulted in no arrests and no reportable incidents, a truly successful event in downtown Los Angeles.