Community Emergency Preparedness Circular

February 22, 2002

The terrorist incidents at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have caused concern about all aspects of security. As a result, Community Relations Sections and Area Community Relations offices have received requests for Department personnel to attend community and business meetings to discuss steps the Department is taking to address terrorism and measures the public can take to ensure their security.
The purpose of this circular is to inform community members of the readiness plans that the Los Angeles Police Department has in place. This information will assist personnel with an overview of our many informational circulars when conducting community meetings.
The City of Los Angeles has, in place, emergency management systems that are aimed at ensuring for the safety and security of the Los Angeles community. Following the September 11, 2001 tragedy, the Los Angeles Police Department has engaged in collaborative efforts with other local, state and federal officials. Consistent with existing Department operational plans, the Chief of Police has directed appropriate Los Angeles Police Department commanding officers to immediately identify critical/vulnerable locations within their respective commands, and to take appropriate measures to secure these locations.
The objectives of the Los Angeles Police Department during any major emergency are:

Restore and maintain order;
Protect life;
Protect vital facilities;
Arrest violators; and
Protect property.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Police Bernard C. Parks stated, "The Los Angeles Police Department has been working very closely with other local, state and federal officials to ensure that the safety and security needs of the Los Angeles communities are met. We will continue to take a proactive approach to addressing the communities’ needs and ensure that our actions are geared toward assuring the highest level of security for our communities."
There are many more strategies outlined in the Los Angeles Police Department’s "Community Emergency Preparedness Circular." For more information, or to obtain copies of crime prevention circulars, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 213-485-3134.
This media advisory was prepared by Public Information Officer Jack Richter, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.