Community Heroes! LAPD Police Officers Coach Students to a Running Success

June 2, 2000

Los Angeles – “Students Run L.A.” is a non-profit organization and program designed to train at-risk students to run in and finish the L.A. Marathon. Through participation with dedicated adults and commitment to daily training programs, students learn the value of determination, self-reliance, and overcoming obstacles. Eight Los Angeles Police Department Police Officers have recognized the value that this sort of training affords to at-risk students and devoted afternoons and weekends for nine months to help train students for the L.A. Marathon. As a result of the tireless efforts of these officers, students were able to successfully participate in the recent 15th Annual L.A. Marathon.

Chief Bernard C. Parks, during the Chief’s Monthly Press Availability on May 31, 2000, at Parker Center 150 N. Los Angeles Street, at 10:00 AM, will recognize the following officers for their contributions to “Students Run L.A.”:

Name Assignment:

Police Officer Mark Horton, Dare Division
Police Officer Carolyn Jones, Dare Division
Police Officer Mary Gomez, Dare Division
Police Officer Alicia Hajewski, Dare Division
Police Officer Patricia Luevanos, Southwest Community Police Station
Police Officer Tonya Wyatt-Mulligan, Juvenile Division
Detective Kathleen Feldtz, Northeast Operations Support Division
Sergeant Virgil County, Southwest Community Police Station

With support from these LAPD officers and with every day training, students were able to move closer to their goal of staying in school and beating the odds. In a school district where the dropout rate is 36.9%, an impressive as well as inspiring 90% of “Students Run L.A.” students earn their diplomas. Of those graduates, most continued on to some form of higher education.

The Los Angeles Police Department encourages all members of the community to support “Students Run L.A.”. When students finish the L.A. Marathon, not only will they be proud of how far they’ve come, but they will also be excited about how far they’re going to go.

For further information, please call “Students Run L.A.” at 818-345-9377, or visit their web site at

For further information regarding the press availability and/or the involved officers, please contact Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586. This press release was prepared by Officer Guellermo Campos, Media Relations Section.