Crackdown on Criminals NR17347dm

November 27, 2017

Los Angeles: Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Fugitive Warrant Section conducted an operation resulting in the arrest of repeat offenders and violent criminals.

A noticeable increase in violent crime within Operations Central Bureau and Operations South Bureau led to the need to develop additional strategies to remove repeat offenders from the communities. The LAPD’s Fugitive Warrant Section services this function as a specialized unit, holding the sole responsibility for pursuing wanted suspects within the City of Los Angeles. The unit was deployed specifically to address repeat, as well as violent, offenders in the areas which showed a violent crime increase.

Specialized teams within the Fugitive Warrant Section, in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Los Angeles County Probation Department, have proven extremely effective in apprehending and rehabilitating repeat offenders. The teams gathered credible information regarding wanted persons and acted on that information on November 21st and November 22nd, 2017. Violent crime areas of South and Central Bureaus were targeted. During the two-day operation, 24 checks were completed at locations known to harbor felony suspects. Eight felony arrests were made for the crimes which included criminal threats, vehicle theft, narcotics sales, spousal abuse, and murder.

The LAPD’s Fugitive Warrant Section will continue to actively pursue these chronic offenders as a means of removing violent felons from the streets and to curb the gang-related violent crime in the City of Los Angeles. Any questions related to this operation can be directed to LAPD Gang and Narcotics Division, Lieutenant Julius Guay at (213)833-3700.