Demonstration Full Rights for Immigrants

June 2, 2007


Sunday, June 24, 2007 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Assembly Point

•Media Parking Area: Northeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

Media Viewing Area: Southeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

Rally Point

•Media Parking Area: On Hawthorne Avenue between Highland and Orange Avenue.

Media Viewing Area: Northeast Corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sycamore Avenue.

Full Rights for Immigrants

This is to advise media personnel of the Media parking and Media viewing areas for the demonstration. Media viewing areas will be used in the event a dispersal order is given. Should there be any changes to either of the areas City News Service (CNS) will be contacted and given the information. Media personnel are encouraged to monitor CNS for any updates.

It is strongly suggested that Media personnel utilize the identified parking areas.
Those choosing to park in others areas could be impacted by the demonstration.

There will be (2) Public Information Officers (PIO) at both the Assembly and Rally points. Each will wear a identifying vest.

A Spanish speaking PIO will be available at each location.