Department Reminds the Public “If you See Something, Say Something” NR13116rf

April 3, 2013

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department reminds the public to remain vigilant and aware, Robbery Homicide Division detectives investigating last week’s child abduction incident in Northridge are strongly advising real estate agents and property owners to secure vacant properties.

I Watch, referred to as the “21st century version of Neighborhood Watch,” is designed to enable members of the public to help protect their communities by identifying and reporting suspicious behaviors and activities known to be used by terrorist.  In October 2009, the Los Angeles Police Department unveiled IWatch, the community reporting component of If You See Something, Say Something.

“As LA’s Chief of Police, it is my primary duty to keep everyone safe,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.  “The iWatch program is the embodiment of community based policing and the police partnering with the community.  If You See Something, Say Something, go to is a clear message that encourages people in our communities to report suspicious behaviors and activities that may have a nexus to terrorism.”

Not only does iWatch provide Los Angeles residents a venue to report suspicious behaviors, but more importantly it involves and educates the public about suspicious activities and behaviors, not personal characteristics, that may be associated with terrorist activities.  All reports are reviewed by trained detectives and kept confidential.  Reporters can remain anonymous if desired.

Individuals can call the threat line at 1-877-A-THREAT (1-877-284-7328), call 911 if an emergency or crime is occurring, contact their local police station or go to to file a report.  At the website, more terrorism related information is also available by viewing an educational film or PSA.  For more information, contact Sergeant Rodolfo Lopez, iWatch Liaison Officer at 213-486-5902 or LAPD Media Relations Section at 213-486-5910.