Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas will host an evening of dialogue with the Latino Community NA14141lp

August 19, 2014

Latino Community Forum

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

West Valley Christian Church
22450 Sherman Way
West Hills, California 91325

Deputy Chief Jorge A. Villegas, Operations-Valley Bureau
Assistant Commanding Officer, Commander Jon F. Peters, Operations-Valley Bureau
Assistant Commanding Officer, Commander Regina A. Scott, Operations-Valley Bureau
Captain III Kris E. Pitcher, Commanding Officer, Devonshire Area
Captain III Sean Malinowski, Commanding Officer, Foothill Area
Captain III Todd Chamberlain, Commanding Officer, Mission Area    
Captain III Stephen M. Carmona, Commanding Officer, North Hollywood Area
Captain III Jorge Rodriguez, Commanding Officer Topanga Area
Captain III Ivan Minsal, Commanding Officer, Van Nuys Area
Captain III John Egan, Commanding Officer, West Valley Area    
Captain II Maureen Ryan, Commanding Officer, Valley Traffic Area

The Chief of Police has decentralized all Community Forums in order to encourage a more intimate and meaningful exchange of ideas.  Prior forums have proven successful in opening lines of communication between the Los Angeles Police Department and the community. It is the intention of the Chief of Police to develop and nurture relationships with the Latino Community to improve the quality of life in the San Fernando Valley.    
For more information, please contact Officer Jerry Todd or Adriana Ortega, Operations Valley Bureau-Community Outreach Unit at (818) 644-8107.