Detective O’Toole-50 Years of Public Service!

May 11, 2003

Los Angeles Chief of Police William J. Bratton, LAPD Deputy Chief Ronald Bergmann, Commander Michel Moore, Captain Greg Meyer, Detective John O’Toole.
An Anniversary Celebration to Commemorate 50 years of Public Service by Los Angeles Police Department’s Detective John O’Toole
Los Angeles Police Department’s Historical Society Museum, 6045 York Boulevard
Friday, May 16, 2003 at 10:00 a.m.

Los Angeles: The year was 1953. President Eisenhower was in the White House and Elvis Presley was beginning his career-as a truck driver. Fresh from serving in the military and World War II, an LAPD police recruit by the name of John O’Toole was embarking upon a law enforcement career that would span over half a century and still continue today. When told that his celebratory event was going to be held at the LAPD Police Museum, Detective O’Toole said, "Good! That’s where I belong!"
Known as a hard working investigator, Detective O’Toole began his career as a police officer in what is now known as "Old Central Division." After several successful assignments that included coveted positions in the Metropolitan Division, Van Nuys Area and Valley Traffic Investigation, Detective O’Toole continues his vigilant record of outstanding service as one of the most productive Department employees. As a witness to not only Department history, Detective O’Toole, as a police officer, experienced literally scores of Los Angeles historical events that have shaped the very contours of our City’s social fabric as moments that have determined who we are as a community.
Join Chief William J. Bratton at this celebration honoring John O’Toole’s service anniversary. Refreshments will be served and several past and current LAPD personnel will be at the event to pay tribute to a City employee who strives to make a difference.
This media advisory was prepared by Public Information Officer, Jack Richter, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.