Detectives Alert Community

February 12, 2008

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Police Department detectives alert the community to a recent increase in burglary and theft from motor vehicles in the Northeast area of the city .

The thefts involve property being removed from a vehicle, especially GPS systems, I-Pods, MP-3 players and laptop computers. The items are left inside the vehicles in plain view and unfortunately thieves use this opportunity to remove the property. The vehicles are often times unlocked or the windows are rolled partially down. The suspects have also been known to smash the vehicle’s window to gain access to the items. The victim not only suffers the loss of property but is also faced with the cost of expensive repairs for damages to the vehicle.

Members of the community are reminded to keep valuables out of plain view. Never leave a GPS or its cradle on the dash or where it is visible from outside of the vehicle. Car owners should also use some type of anti-theft device, such as an alarm system, and park in a well-illuminated area when possible. Serial numbers for electronic devices, laptop computers and GPS systems should always be written down and kept for future reference. Another tip is to affix devices with an identifying number such as a driver’s license number.

For further information please contact Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.