Detectives Save Man from Pitbull Attack

November 14, 2007

Los Angeles: Two Los Angeles Police Detectives rescued a man early Monday morning from a savage mauling by a Pitbull.

On Monday, November 12, 2007, at around 7:00 a.m., South Bureau Gang/Homicide Detectives Mark Hahn and Andy Moody were in the area of 97th Street and Hoover Street on an unrelated matter. As they sat in their car they heard screams and cries for help.

Their attention was quickly drawn to a 53-year old man who was down on the ground and being attacked by a Pitbull. The man was attempting to escape the dog’s attack by crawling under a parked vehicle nearby. Both Detectives began running toward the man and to their shock and horror watched as the dog locked his teeth into the mans leg and drug him out from under the car, only to begin mauling the man once again.

One neighbor came out and threw a bucket of water on the dog in an attempt to divert its attention, with no affect. Out of concern for the welfare of the nearby residence both Detectives ordered everyone back into their homes.

Detective Moody grabbed a metal shovel that had been lying on the sidewalk and used it to hit the dog in the head. The dog seemed unfazed and continued to bite the face and head of the victim. A second strike with the shovel momentarily diverted the dog’s attention, allowing Detective Hahn to position himself between the dog and the man to protect the victim from further injury and attack.

Within seconds the dog charged towards Detective Hahn and the downed victim and Detective Hahn fired one round from his handgun, striking the dog in the chest. Wounded, the dog ran into the residential neighborhood and crawled under an abandoned pickup truck about a mile away.

Detectives Moody and Hahn provided aid to the victim until paramedics arrived. He was transported to a local hospital where he was admitted for severe bite injuries to his head, face, arms and legs.

It was learned that the victim had been pet sitting for the dog’s owner and was attacked for no apparent reason as he left for work. Los Angeles Animal Control Officers responded and took custody of the injured dog.

South Bureau Homicide is investigating this incident. Anyone with questions or information can contact Detective Sal LaBarbera at 213-485-4341.