Devonshire Volunteer Surveillance Team They are Watching

July 14, 2009

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department’s Devonshire Area is honoring and applauding the Volunteer Surveillance Team (VST) as it celebrates its 17th year of service to the many communities within the San Fernando Valley.

VST’s are made up of trained community members who work with the LAPD during crime suppression operations.  Members utilize surveillance vehicles, police radios, night vision monocular and high tech video cameras to catch criminals in the act of committing crimes.  They have been instrumental in catching suspects in the act of stealing cars, committing burglaries, selling drug, committing acts of vandalism, truancy and curfew violations to name a few.

The Devonshire VST was organized in 1992 and over the next 17 years has racked up an incredible 52,784 volunteer hours; translating into and estimated savings of $5,383,968 to the City of Los Angeles.  The group is credited with assisting in over 4,612 arrests, during 1,594 operations, without a single injury.

Their efforts have made an undisputed impact on crime and have improved the quality of life for all of the residents in the area.  Additionally, other benefactors of the team’s efforts include surrounding schools, parks, and businesses of the North San Fernando Valley.

Among the accolades Devonshire VST has received for their service are awards from the Los Angeles Police Departments Chief of Police; the California State Senate; the California State Attorney General; California State Assembly; Special Congressional Recognition; and from former President of the United States, George Bush. They were the Volunteer Organization of the Year in 2008.

Devonshire Area Command Staff, Devonshire Area Officer’s, and local citizens join together in thanking the Volunteer Surveillance Teams for their outstanding efforts and look forward to the continued partnership that has been so instrumental in making the community safer for all.