Diabetic Leads Police Officers into Pursuit

September 9, 1999

Thursday, September 9, 1999
On Thursday, September 9, 1999, at approximately 5:55 AM, Los Angeles Police Department Transit Rail Division officers were involved in a vehicle pursuit that started from Western Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard.

The suspect, Brenda Hamilton, drove northbound on Western Avenue and eastbound on Los Feliz Boulevard to Griffith Park Boulevard. A single beanbag was fired at the driver’s side rear window and caused it to shatter. Hamilton accelerated away eastbound Los Feliz before officers could approach. Officers continued the pursuit.

Hamilton stopped again at Riverside Drive and Los Feliz and accelerated away before officers could redeploy on the vehicle.

Hamilton stopped eastbound Los Feliz at Brunswick where Hamilton stopped and a second beanbag shot was fired at the driver’s window causing it to shatter. Officers approached and gave verbal orders for Hamilton to exit the vehicle.

Officers removed the keys from the ignition and detained Hamilton without incident. Hamilton was wearing a Medic Alert pendant that indicated she was a diabetic and she appeared to be in shock.

Paramedics arrived and transported Hamilton to Kaiser Hospital-Sunset. Hamilton sustained minor cuts on her face from the shattered glass.

It was determined that Hamilton, likely under diabetic shock during this incident and was not arrested. An investigation will be conducted by West Traffic Division.

For Release 5:30 pm PDT
September 9, 1999