Do-rag Bandit Arrested after Downtown Crime Spree NR09387pv

August 7, 2009

Los Angeles.  Los Angeles detectives announced the arrest of parolee Anthony Brown, 42.  He was sighted in Skidrow last night, August 5, 2009, armed with the gun detectives believe he used in half a dozen robberies since July 10.

“At first we were looking for two different, but similar men in these robberies,” said Lt. Paul Vernon, who heads up the Central Detective Division.  “When undercover detectives found him last night, they figured they had the Do-rag Bandit, but once at the station they realized Brown was also the Braids Bandit.”

Starting on July 10, a heavy-set Black man with long braids tried to rob the Citibank at 444 South Flower, but he left when tellers realized the robber had a toy gun.  Later that day, the same man robbed the California Bear Credit Union at 100 South Main Street, getting away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Two weeks later a series of business robberies started downtown.  The robber was thinner than the Braid Bandit, and he wore a white do-rag over an apparently shaved head.  The Do-rag Bandit started with the Riteaid drugstore on 7th Street, July 23.  Two days later he hit the Denny’s Restaurant on Figueroa Street then the Chase Bank on Hope Street.  He was riding a bicycle and armed with an old, dirty revolver.

On August 1, the Do-rag Bandit robbed the Pollo Loco at 226 East 9th Street, using the same revolver and escaping on a bicycle.  His image was caught on surveillance cameras.

“We were prepared to release this video today and ask the public for their help in capturing the Do-rag Bandit,” Vernon added.  “Turns out, we can let everyone know instead his crime spree is over.”

After the Denny’s robbery, detectives considered the Braids Bandit and the Do-rag Bandit might be one in the same.  “We let our bank robbery detectives know our suspicions to help them on their investigations, but we could not be sure.  Then the undercover officers found Brown with this old revolver.”

Following Brown’s arrest, detectives were able to piece together information that Brown had been paroled for robbery in July.  When his spree began, he still had the weight and the braids he put on in prison.  Over the weeks of using drugs, Brown lost weight and shed the braids, giving a changed appearance in later robberies.

No bail was set for Brown as he is on parole.  Detectives are investigating Brown’s involvement in at least three more robberies over his 5-week spree.
Video footage from the Pollo Loco robbery is available at Media Relations Section