Dog Attacks Officers at Apartment

April 28, 2006

Los Angeles: Two police officers gathering information for a search warrant were charged by a Rottweiler in front of an apartment complex on April 27, 2006. One officer shot and wounded the dog.

Around 10:30 p.m., LAPD officer Miguel Mejia, 31, and his partner walked to the front of the apartment in the 800 block of West 43rd Street. They were verifying the correct residence in preparation for a search warrant application. The officers heard a dog bark then they whistled several times to summoned the dog. The dog did not appear so one of the officers entered the gate into the multi-dwelling housing complex.

As the officers walked along the driveway, a Rottweiler dog came toward the officers. Mejia’s partner shot pepper spray to keep the dog at bay. The dog continued to act aggressively and the officer called out for the owner to retrieve the dog. Mejia’s partner swung his baton to keep the dog from coming closer. The dog ran back to a house.

After speaking with several tenants, the officers walked toward the front of the house. Five large, vicious dogs confronted the officers, barking and snarling at them. A large Rottweiler lunged toward Officer Miguel Mejia. Officer Mejia backed away into a wall and a motor home.

At that point, Officer Mejia fired one shot at the dog, striking him in the leg. The dog retreated to its owner’s house.

Animal control officers took the dog to a local animal shelter where it was treated for the gunshot wound.

Neither of the officers was injured.

Officer Miguel Mejia has 8 years with the Department.

The Fugitive Warrant section is investigating the officer-involved shooting.