Dogs Attack Officers

April 9, 2007

Los Angeles: Two Rottweiler dogs attacked two Los Angeles police officers March 31, 2007, when they investigated a report of a loud party in South Los Angeles. Neither the Rottweiler Dogs nor officers were injured in the encounter.

Just before 4 in the morning, Officer Dennis Shaw, 35, and his partner answered a report of a disturbance in the backyard in the 800 block of West 55th Street. The officers entered the property’s outer gate and saw no signs of dogs. When they reached the back of the house, two large dogs, estimated at 80 pounds each, charged the officers after barking and showing their teeth.

Shaw and his partner backed out of the yard as Shaw drew his sidearm. When one dog closed within a few feet, Shaw fired one round, which caused both dogs to turn and retreat.

Neither of the residents nor the dogs was injured.

Officer Shaw is a six-year veteran of LAPD.

Detectives from the 77th Street Police Station will investigate the shooting.