Dogs Charge Officers

August 18, 2006

Los Angeles: A rottweiler and two pitbull dogs attacked two police officers on April 27, 2006, as the officers were surveying a neighborhood in preparation for a search warrant. One officer shot one pitbull when the dog charged the officer.

Police Officer Miguel Mejia, 31, and his partner were in the 800 block of West 43rd Street in South Los Angeles when the incident happened around 10:30 PM. The officers approached a common, fenced yard and called to see if any dogs were inside. Getting no response, they cautiously entered the gate when the dogs attacked. Mejia fired one time, striking the pitbull in the leg.

The pitbull was taken to a local animal hospital where it was treated and released to its owner.

Neither officer was injured.

Officer Mejia is assigned to the Fugitive Warrant Section. He has been with the LAPD for 11 years.