Downtown Los Angeles -Black Friday Traffic / Safety Plan NA12252vh

November 22, 2012

News Conference

November 22, 2012
11:00 a.m.

Central Traffic Division
251 E 6th Street, Los Angeles, Ca. 90014

LAPD Deputy Chief Jose Perez Jr, Operations Central Bureau
LAPD Commander John Sherman, Operations Central Bureau
LAPD Captain Ann E. Young, Central Traffic Division
LAPD Captain Horace Frank, Central Area
LAPD Captain Michael Oreb, Central Area
LAPD Captain Jorge Rodriguez, Newton Area
LAPD Captain Edward Prokop, Newton Area
LAPD Lieutenant Ralph Ramirez, Operations Central Bureau
LAPD Lieutenant Lydia Leos, Central Traffic Division
LAPD Lieutenant Helen Lopez, Central Traffic Division
LAPD Sergeant Neil Gardner, Operations Central Bureau

Central Traffic Division (CTD) is coordinating a Holiday Season Public Safety Plan to include; prevention, awareness and incorporate available outside resources. CTD will provide a high visibility uniform presence and traffic enforcement to ensure safe traffic flow in the pre-selected areas to include; Toyland District (Central Area) and Fashion District (Central / Newton Areas).

Historically in the above areas, traffic has been grid-locked due to the unplanned merchandise deliveries and eager shoppers not willing to park in local public parking lots. The traffic grid-lock causes a safety concerns for the safe passage of commuters and law enforcement personnel for emergency response.

The participants will include the following, CTD Motors, Cycle units, Reserve Officers, Department of Transportation Bureau of Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control, and Central Area-Senior Lead Officers.

The holiday shopping season normally draws thousands of shoppers to the Toyland District, from Los Angeles Street to the west, San Pedro Street to the east, 3rd Street to the north and 5th Street to the south. Fashion District, from Main Street to the west, San Pedro Street to the east, Olympic Boulevard to the north and Washington Boulevard to the south.

The beginning of the shopping kick off starts after Thanksgiving and continues through Christmas. The Central and Newton Areas anticipate an increase in Burglary from Motor Vehicles, Theft from Motor Vehicles, Robbery and Traffic Collisions. Central Traffic Division also anticipates issues with vehicle traffic affecting the ingress and egress for parking lots.

The operation plan will be implemented beginning Friday, November 23, 2012 and conclude on December 31, 2012. The operation times will concentrate on peak shopping times, traffic collisions, and crime trend timeframes.

The goal of this operation is to provide high uniform coverage for holiday crime and traffic suppression in and around Toyland District and Fashion District; Traffic enforcement will include the following course of action.

Officers have met with the business owners and seek their cooperation in scheduling merchandise deliveries prior to anticipated shopping hours.
Deployment of Cycle units through the Holiday season.
Soft closure of Los Angeles @ Winston St (E/B) & Los Angeles @ Boyd St (E/B). This is to prevent anticipated grid lock issues on Wall St. In addition, the soft closure will allow for safe pedestrian traffic and safe shopping in the Toy Land district.
Police Motors Officers for traffic violations.
Central Traffic Division Reserve Officer “Pedestrian Stings.”
Deployment of Department of Transportation Bureau of Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control for the anticipated grid-lock issues for the areas.

Crime Reduction Strategies:

Provide high visibility presence in an around the selected areas of enforcement through traffic enforcement.
Work in partnership with Deployment of Department of Transportation Bureau of Parking Enforcement and Traffic Control to prevent grid-lock incidents.
Develop social media alerts of the enforcement efforts in the area. Providing recommendation for traffic conditions in the areas.

The message is twofold. To prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a property crime, take a little extra effort and a few extra minutes to, “Lock It Hide It Keep It.” The LAPD would like to thank and acknowledge the community members for their support of the “Lock It, Hide It, Keep It” safety program.

For further information contact Central Traffic Division, Captain II Ann E. Young at 213-972-1811.