Driver Looses Control of His Car Sending It Over a Cliff

May 26, 2006

Los Angeles: Earlier this morning a car driven by a teenager was sent over a cliff after he lost control on Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.

Around 2:20 AM, 19-year-old Deydi Valle of Anaheim, was driving his Nissan Sentra with seven juvenile passengers. Valle lost control of his car while rounding a curve. The car hit a telephone pole then went over the embankment sending it 200 feet down into a ravine. The car rolled several times before coming to rest.

When fire personnel arrived, two of the juveniles had already walked up the hill and were standing on the roadway. The others were still either inside the car or nearby.

The juveniles had just come from a family party and were on their way home.

"The number of individuals inside the car as well as the speed and the fact that some were not wearing seatbelts was a significant factor which contributed to this accident. The fact that only two were seriously injured is amazing,” said LAPD Captain Nancy Lauer.

According to investigators, there was (one) 12 year-old male, (three) 14 year-old males, (one) 15 year-old female and (two) 16 year-olds, a male and female, inside the car. One of the juveniles was inside the trunk.

One of the 16-year-olds sustained a broken back and a collapsed lung. One of the 14 year-olds suffered a fractured skull and will require surgery. All others sustained fractures and minor injuries.

The driver was tested for alcohol consumption; the results were negative. Nothing was found inside the car that would indicate the juveniles had been drinking.

West Los Angeles Detectives are conducting an investigation for possible Child Endangering on the driver.