Driving-Under-the-Influence Sobriety Checkpoint Vehicle Impound Protocols Revised NR11106rf

March 14, 2011

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has announced revisions to the vehicle impound protocols utilized during Driving-Under-the-Influence (DUI) sobriety checkpoint operations.

The purpose of DUI checkpoints the Department conducts is to detect and apprehend those in the community who are driving while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. DUI checkpoints are proven and effective public safety tools that save lives.

During DUI checkpoints, officers may encounter unlicensed drivers. When these situations occur, officers will attempt to identify the registered owner of the vehicle. If the registered owner is present or is able to respond to the scene within a reasonable period of time, the vehicle will be released to the registered owner, providing he or she is a licensed driver. If the registered owner is unlicensed, the owner may authorize release of the vehicle to a licensed driver at the scene, and the unlicensed driver will be issued a citation. When the vehicle cannot be released to a licensed driver, the vehicle will be impounded.

For further information, please contact the LAPD Media Relations Section at 213-486-5910.