Drunken Woman Arrested for Spousal Abuse

May 22, 2006

Los Angeles: A 51-year-old woman was arrested for spousal abuse in the Foothill Area after neighbors called police to report the woman disturbing the peace.

On May 18, 2006, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Police Station found Julie Shrum around 7 PM wandering the neighborhood in the 9700 block of Wheatland Avenue. She appeared to have drinking heavily.

Two LAPD officers saw her fall down several times, then detained her. They helped her sit on a fence to keep her from falling down again. When Shrum tried to hit one of the officers, Officer Jeffrey Hazer pushed her arm away, and Shrum fell to the ground, striking her head.

Shrum was treated at Pacifica Hospital for a minor cut to her head. She was booked for spousal abuse as she had been in a fight with her husband earlier in the day. Shrum was admitted to the 13th Floor of the County USC Medical Center Jail Ward for treatment of a more serious arm injury, sustained during the incident with her husband.

Shrum’s head injury was classified as a categorical use of force, requiring a formal investigation by the Force Investigation Division. Categorical investigations include all officer-involved shootings and cases in which an officer’s use of force leads to hospitalization, impacts to the head, or use of the carotid restrain control hold.

Officer Hazer is 38 years old and has been with LAPD for 9 years.