Encounter with Assault Suspect Results in Officer-Involved Shooting NR11121rf

March 18, 2011

March 23, 2011
Officers’ names have been added to the release.

Los Angeles:  An encounter between Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division officers and an armed suspect who was threatening the life of a female companion and endangering two small children has resulted in an officer-involved shooting.

On March 17, 2011, at around 8:40 p.m., LAPD Pacific Division officers responded to a call at a Wendy’s restaurant at Culver and Venice Boulevards to investigate an armed assault suspect.  Sergeant Andre Belotto (22 years, five months with the Department), the first officer to arrive at the location, saw 38-year-old suspect Augustine Olmedo walking from the restaurant with a female companion and two small children.  After placing the children in the rear seat of his vehicle, he remained in the parking lot with the female, later identified as his wife.  At this point, the officer got out of his car, and when Olmedo saw him, he immediately grabbed his wife and produced a handgun.  At first, he pointed it at the officer but then placed the gun to his wife’s head.  

Sergeant Belotto then retrieved his shotgun and attempted to communicate with Olmedo.  Moments later, the suspect and his wife fell to the ground and his weapon discharged.  Believing  Olmedo’s wife had been shot, the sergeant advanced toward the suspect, and an officer-involved shooting occurred as the suspect tried to run away.  As other officers arrived, they heard shots being fired and observed the officer pursuing Olmedo on foot.  Another officer joined the pursuit, Officer Money Scott (17 years, five months with the Department) and then a second officer-involved shooting occurred when Olmedo reached for his waistband while running away.  He continued running but was soon taken into custody without incident.  

The suspect’s 9 mm, semiautomatic pistol was recovered.  No officers were injured during the incident, but Olmedo sustained a graze wound to his head.  He was later treated and released from a local hospital.

LAPD’s Force Investigation Division (FID) personnel responded and are investigating the officer-involved shooting.  The FID’s Criminal Apprehension Team is investigating the crimes against the officers and the victim.