FASTRAC Process Instrumental in the Arrest of Three Burglary Suspects

November 23, 1999

Tuesday, November 23, 1999
During the first two weeks of November 1999, the Devonshire Burglary Coordinator, Detective III Tom Broad, began receiving telephone calls from concerned residents in the neighborhood surrounding the 15800 block of Romar Street in Northridge. The calls were regarding a perceived problem of increased criminal activity that included residential burglary, grand theft auto (GTA), vandalism and Burglary/Thefts from motor vehicles.

By utilizing Crime Analysis Detail (CAD) resources the burglary coordinator was able to determine that there was indeed a significant recent increase of criminal activity in the area surrounding the Romar address. Additional information from area residents provided detectives with possible suspect and vehicle descriptions. This information was relayed to the Day Watch patrol officers and the School Car Units via the FASTRAC process.

On November 15, 1999, Devonshire patrol officers, who had been deployed in the area responded to a radio call of a "Prowler There Now". Due to the rapid response time, the officers were able to arrest two individuals and detain them pending the preliminary investigation. Subsequent investigation led to the discovery that a burglary had occurred and the recovery of the property that had been stolen in that burglary. During the initial stages of the investigation Devonshire Detective personnel responded to the scene to assist the patrol officers. This assistance resulted in a third suspect being identified and arrested by the detectives.

Ultimately, Jonathan Donald Rowe, a 20 year old male transient from Northridge, Sergio Ramirez, a 18 year old from North Hills and Robert Phillip Bird, 19 from North Hills were identified and cases were presented to the District Attorney’s Office. The District Attorney’s Office found sufficient evidence for the filing of a criminal complaint charging one count of Burglary for each individual.

This case represents the best of community based policing and the FASTRAC process at work. A problem brought to the attention of the Department by the community and solved with the resources of Devonshire Area.

If you have any questions regarding this release, please contact Detective Tom Broad at Devonshire Area Detectives at 818-756-8291.

For Release 2:40 pm PST
November 23, 1999