Field Data Collection Update

March 2, 2004

Los Angeles: The Court approved the Federal Civil Rights Consent Decree on June 15, 2001. The Decree, among other things, required the Los Angeles Police Department to collect vehicle and pedestrian stop data effective November 1, 2001. Additionally, the Department is required to publish, on its website, semiannual public reports which must include the pedestrian and vehicle stop data.
The 3rd Report of Field Data Reports gathered between July 2003 to December 2003 has been posted on the Los Angeles Police Department’s official website for public viewing. There have been additional revisions made on the data form and Los Angeles Police Department officers have continued to collect the data per the Consent Decree. An outside consulting firm, Analysis Group, has been hired by the City to determine if and how the data can be analyzed. The study is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2004.
Los Angeles Police Department Community Partnership Meetings and Consent Decree Meetings are being held at different areas throughout the City, throughout of the year. Community members can come to these meetings and learn more about the data collection process. The meeting schedule can be viewed through the Los Angeles Police Department official website, In April, the Department will also host a community meeting that will feature a discussion of data analysis efforts being conducted by other law enforcement agencies. A representative from the Police Executive Research Forum will provide an informative presentation on the topic.
For further information contact Captain Scott Kroeber, Los Angeles Police Department, Consent Decree Bureau, at 213-473-4352.
This news release prepared by Public Information Officer Jason Lee, Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.