Financial Crimes Division Serves Warrants for Counterfeit Merchandise and Arrests Three

December 22, 1998

Tuesday, December 22, 1998
On December 21, 1998, Financial Crimes Division, Trademark Infringement Unit, served a search warrant for counterfeit merchandise at five locations within the downtown Los Angeles area. Detectives along with private investigators from National Trademark Investigations confiscated a total of 130,532 counterfeit Ragdoll Productions, Telletubbies, and Warner Brothers Tweety Bird items. This operation resulted in a total of 3 felony arrests.

Three Korean-Americans were arrested in connection with this operation.

Sung Joo Lim, approximately 35 yrs. old, Lim’s Creations, 1142 S. Main St., Los Angeles; Sun Kim, 32 yrs. old, Ace-One Trading, 435 S. Wall St., Los Angeles; and Dae Yeob Hwang, Dae Hae America, 230 E. Winston St., #5 #11, Los Angeles. These individuals were arrested for violation of Counterfeit Merchandise which has a bail amount of $15,000.00.

For additional information, contact Detective Belinda Gomez, Financial Crimes Division at (213) 485-3795.

For Release 9:30 am PST
December 22, 1998