First-Ever Girl Scout Troop in Watts Holds Meeting at Local School Establishment of Troop is a Partnership between LAPD and City’s Housing Authority NA14015rf

February 4, 2014

Meeting of Watts Girl Scout Troop #19785.  The Los Angeles Police Department’s Community Safety Partnership (CSP) has partnered with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) and the Girl Scouts of America (GSA) to field the first Watts Girl Scouts Troop (named after LAPD’s Southeast Station which was opened in 1978).

February 5, 2014
2:35 p.m.

Grape Street Elementary School
1940 E. 111th Street
Los Angeles 90059

LAPD CSP Coordinator Sergeant Emada Tingirides, Operations South Bureau
LAPD Officer and CSP Participant Jesse Ruiz, Operations South Bureau
HACLA CSP Coordinator Joel Lopez
Grape Street Elementary School Principal Jera Turner
Grape Street Elementary School Vice Principal Judy Jackson
Members of Girl Scout Troop #19785 (ages 6 to 11)
Parents and Teachers

To raise awareness about Watts’ first Girl Scout Troop, which has been established through CSP, a program developed by LAPD and HACLA, giving inner-city children a positive alternative to involvement in gang activity and other environmental obstacles.

CSP’s primary purpose is to increase and enhance the safety, security, and welfare of HACLA residents through the presence and relationships of LAPD officers deployed and assigned to the four public housing development program sites: Ramona Gardens, Jordan Downs, Nickerson Gardens and Imperial Courts.

Through the officers’ and teaching staff’s dedication, CSP introduces and reinforces the concept of strong character, positive values, personal responsibility and academic excellence.

For more information, contact Sergeant Emada Tingirides at (213) 842-3488 or the LAPD Media Relations Section at (213) 486-5910.