Former L.A Priest Arrested on Allegations of Sexual Abuse

September 25, 2002

"Former L.A Priest Arrested on Allegations of Sexual Abuse"
Los Angeles: This morning, at approximately 6:00 a.m., Los Angeles Police Detectives arrested 46 year-old Carlos Rene Rodriguez, a former priest within the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Archdiocese, at his residence in the City of Commerce. Rodriguez was arrested on a warrant, and will be booked for a violation of Section 288(a) of the Penal Code – Lewd Acts with a Child Under 14 Years Old.
Working closely with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, the Department began it’s investigation into this matter in April 2002, after the victim reported that he had been sexually molested by Rodriguez while Rodriguez was a Catholic priest at Saint Vincent Church, Los Angeles, and the victim, an altar boy for Rodriguez. The molestation began when the victim was 12 years old and occurred over a two-year period (1985 – 1987). Rodriguez was dismissed from his duties with the Los Angeles Archdiocese in 1993.
During the course of the investigation into this case, a second male victim was identified. That victim reported that he had been sexually molested by Rodriguez while the two were on an out-of-state trip. The victim, at that time, was 16 years old. This case was reported to the Department in 1987, however, since the crime occurred out of state, the Department had no investigative authority. The Los Angeles Police Department made telephonic contact with the responsible law enforcement agency and forwarded a crime report to that agency.
Based on the evidence gathered during the course of this investigation, Judge Larry P. Fidler, on September 24, 2002, issued a warrant for the arrest of Carlos Rene Rodriguez. Rodriguez was booked at Parker Center Jail. Bail is set for $400,000.00.
This is an on-going investigation and since it is believed that there may be other victims, the Department has made a photograph of Rodriguez available.