Former LAPD Cadet Passes California State Bar Examination NR17384ti

December 29, 2017

Los Angeles: Former LAPD Cadet Gloria Hernandez passes the California State Bar Examination and hosts her swearing-in ceremony at LAPD Headquarters with active cadets in attendance.

Gloria Hernandez attended San Pedro High School Police Academy Magnet (San Pedro Magnet). During her time at San Pedro Magnet, she simultaneously participated in the LAPD Cadet Program (Cadet Program). Gloria achieved the rank of LAPD Cadet Commander as part of the first established Cadet Command Staff in 2008. In 2009, Gloria, due to her extraordinary work ethic and commitment to the Cadet Program, was promoted to the rank of Cadet Chief, the highest-ranking cadet in the Cadet Program, and continued serving in that position until 2012. As the Cadet Chief, Gloria provided guidance and support to all cadets and served as the model of desired behavior for all cadets.

Following her graduation from high school, Gloria attended Mount Saint Mary’s University where she earned a B.A. in Political Science, along with a minor in Pre-Law and International Relations. Upon receiving her undergraduate degree, Gloria enrolled in Southwestern Law School where she volunteered at various public interest firms, ultimately finding her niche at Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project (Esperanza).

Gloria worked at Esperanza throughout law school and has continued to work at Esperanza since graduating from Southwestern Law School in 2016. In July 2017, Gloria sat for the California Bar Examination, a two day exam testing both California and Federal law across 13 subjects. Gloria recently passed the bar exam and will now work as a staff attorney for Esperanza representing refugee children and adults, in addition to providing education and legal representation to Southern California’s most vulnerable immigrant communities.

Gloria postponed her swearing-in ceremony, to include taking her attorney oath, until it could be performed in the presence of cadets to demonstrate that dreams can be accomplished if a person believes in himself or herself and applies the lessons learned through the Cadet Program. Gloria maintains that the Cadet Program greatly influenced her life and hosting her swearing-in ceremony, in the presence of cadets, is her way of “giving back.” Gloria writes, “I always envisioned including LAPD in this important step in my life.”