Former LAPD Chief Daryl F. Gates Dies at 83

April 16, 2010

Los Angeles: Daryl F. Gates died today at 83-years-old after a short battle with cancer.  The 49th Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department passed away at his Newport Beach home with his loved ones at his bedside.

LAPD Chief of Police Charlie Beck eulogized, “Daryl Francis Gates was a one-in-a-million human being.  He inspired others to succeed and, in doing so, changed the landscape of law enforcement around the world.”

Chief GatesBorn August 30, 1926, Gates grew up in Glendale and the Highland Park Area of Los Angeles.  After graduating from high school, he joined the United States Navy.  Except for his two-year tour in the Navy, Gates was a lifelong resident of Southern California.  He attended and later earned degrees from the University of Southern California.

Gates Joined the Los Angeles Police Department on Sept. 16, 1949 and rose through the ranks to become the 49th Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.  Gates served as the Chief from March 1978 until his retirement in 1992.

Chief Gates accomplished great things in both good and difficult economic times.  And the successes of several major programs and events in the City of Los Angeles and around the world, especially the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Games, have their roots in the leadership achievements of Daryl Gates.

Chief Gates is survived by his long-time companion; his brother, retired LAPD Captain Steven Gates; three children; five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  Further notification will be forthcoming when details about a memorial service are finalized.

A pictorial slide show, (courtesy of the Los Angeles Police Historical Society) highlighting Chief Gates career with LAPD is accessible clicking here or through the homepage of the Department’s website,, by clicking on a link for more information next to his photo.  The photos are also available by contacting LAPD Media Relations at 213-486-5910.