Gang Member Assaults Detectives

November 3, 2006

Los Angeles: A local gang member was arrested after he pointed a gun at pursuing gang detectives in South Los Angeles yesterday morning. One detective fired after the gang member pointed a gun.

The incident started around 7:30 A.M. when gang detectives from the Southeast Police Station were driving near Main Street and 110th Street. A group of gang members were illegally crossing the street and impeding morning traffic. One detective noticed 19-year-old Jamar Henry among the group. Henry was a person the detectives were interested in talking to about a recent homicide.

When the detectives tried to detain the group of jaywalkers, Henry ran. Police Officer Patrick Flaherty, 37, and another officer chased after Henry as he ran through a metal fabrication business, which was full of employees.

According to witnesses, Henry displayed a gun and Officer Flaherty fired. Henry dropped his gun but continued to run for another 40 feet before he fell down and was captured. Henry was wounded in the shooting. He was treated at the Harbor UCLA Medical Center and released for booking.

No other person was injured in this incident. Henry’s gun was booked as evidence. Henry was arrested on a charge of Assault With a Deadly Weapon on a Police Officer.

Officer Flaherty has been with the LAPD for nearly 4 years. The metal fabrication business was located at 10962 South Main Street.

Force Investigation Division will investigate the officer involved shooting and Henry’s assault on the officer. Questions regarding this release may be referred to Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.