Gunman Dies After Engaging LAPD Officers in Gun Battle

October 25, 2000

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

"Gunman Dies After Engaging LAPD Officers in Gun Battle"

Los Angeles – On Tuesday, October 24, 2000, at approximately 11:58 p.m., Transit Bus Division uniformed Officers Thomas Kimrey, Serial No. 27135, (33 years of age, 11 years with the Department) and Roy Ceja, Serial No. 34054, (30 years of age, 3 ½ years with the Department) were on routine patrol in the area of 66th Street and Denver Avenue. The officers observed a vehicle, occupied by two males, being operated with expired registration tabs. The officers activated their emergency lights to effect a traffic stop. As the suspect stopped his vehicle, the officers exited their vehicle and noticed that the suspect’s vehicle was still in drive, with the brake pedal depressed. The officers directed the suspect to exit the vehicle. The suspect refused to comply and then drove away from the location, willfully failing to yield to the officers’ signal to stop. A vehicular pursuit ensued, with the officers broadcasting that they were in pursuit.

As the officers were southbound Broadway approaching 69th Street, the suspect’s vehicle slowed down and the passenger got out of the vehicle. He was taken into custody by other units in the area, without incident. Ultimately, the suspect drove eastbound on 74th Street toward Main Street. While approaching Main Street, the suspect apparently lost control of his vehicle and collided with a parked vehicle on the south side of 74th Street. A Los Angeles Police Sergeant (John Richardson) and a Captain (James Tatreau) were in separate vehicles and in the area of 74th Street and Main Street, monitoring the pursuit when the suspect exited his vehicle and began running. The suspect ran from the scene, in an easterly direction toward Main Street, from the pursuing officers who by now were on foot. As the suspect ran past Sergeant Richardson, who was seated in his vehicle, the suspect fired multiple rounds at Sergeant Richardson, with rounds entering the passenger window of Sergeant Richardson’s vehicle. At this time, fearing for the safety of the supervisor and others in the area, Officer Kimrey, who by now had repositioned himself on the south sidewalk of 74th Street, returned fire at the suspect, using his Department issued service weapon. The suspect continued running and then fired rounds at Captain Tatreau, who was also seated in his vehicle. One of the rounds entered the hood of Captain Tatreau’s police vehicle. At this point, an LAPD air unit was above, monitoring the incident. The suspect then continued running eastbound 74th Street to northbound Main Street, pursued by Officer Cejo.

As Officer Cejo traversed from eastbound 74th Street to northbound Main Street behind the suspect, the suspect, apparently seeing additional units approaching from the north, turned around and began firing several rounds at Officer Cejo. Officer Cejo, fearing for his life, returned fire, using his Department issued service weapon. The exchange of gunfire between Officer Cejo and the suspect continued at close range.

Officer Kimrey, who by now was within range of the suspect and Officer Cejo, fearing for his partner’s and his safety, fired rounds at the suspect.

At some point during the gun battle, the suspect was struck by gunfire. Paramedics responded to the scene and transported the suspect to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

None of the involved police personnel were hit by gunfire. Officer Cejo suffered minor injuries to his leg after he fell in a hole during the exchange of gunfire with the suspect.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the weapon in the suspect’s possession was a 9mm stainless steel semi-automatic weapon. The weapon was recovered at the scene.

The deceased suspect was identified as Kenyon Penny, a male Black, 25 years old. The passenger in the suspect’s vehicle was identified as Ronald Jacques, a male Black, 20 years old. He was booked for violation of parole and is being held with no bail; Booking No. 6647914.

Robbery-Homicide Division is conducting the investigation.

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This press release was prepared by Lieutenant Horace Frank, Officer-In-Charge, Media Relations Section.

For Release 3:28 pm PDT
October 25, 2000