Gunman’s Identity Released

August 13, 2006

Los Angeles: Detectives released the name of the gunman who shot a Los Angeles police officer Saturday night during an apparent ambush in Montecito Heights.

Jose Perez, 31, was booked for attempted murder on a police officer after he shot Officer James Tuck with an AK 47.

Officer Tuck’s partner shot Perez in an exchange of gunfire. Perez was wounded in the leg. He left the AK 47 at the scene, then tried to hide in a nearby yard, where he was quickly arrested.

Perez lived in the neighborhood where the incident occurred. He has no apparent gang affiliation, though he does have a criminal history, including robbery and narcotics.

Detectives have detained a 37-year-old man, who is thought to have been the driver of the black Honda, which the officers had intended to stop. Detectives have not released his name pending further investigation.

In the aftermath of the shooting, detectives found the Honda had been stolen at the end of July.

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