Harbor Area Officers Rescues Teenager from Suicide Attempt

January 26, 1999

Tuesday, January 26, 1999
On January 23, 1999, at approximately 2:50 p. m., Harbor Area officers responded to a radio call of a 14 year old female mental, stating she was going to the cliffs at Point Fermin Park to jump to her death.

The subject left the residence while her mother was on the phone talking to the police. The officers obtained the information from the subject’s mother and broadcasted the information to responding units. The location is infamous for prior suicides involving juveniles.

Officers arrived to the location and began to search the area. They located the subject standing at the edge of the cliff of Point Fermin Park, commonly known as ‘Sunken City.’ Officer’s Victor Pappas #34661, Patrick Kalscheuer #27700, James Shray #27895 and Jason Pedro #34661 approached the subject. Officer Shray began to talk to the subject. The subject stated she had nothing to live for and began to look down and lean forward toward the sheer drop-off of the cliff over one hundred foot below.

As Officer Shray continued to speak to the subject, Officer Pedro grabbed the subject as she began to jump off of the cliff. Both the subject and Officer Pedro fell to the ground at the edge of the cliff. Officer Pedro then pulled the subject to safety with the assistance of the other officers.

The subject was then transported to Harbor Station for mental evaluation processing.

For Release 8:35 am PST
January 26, 1999