Holiday Reminder-Lock It, Hide It, Keep It Don’t Let the Grinches Steal Your Holiday Spirit NR10545kr

November 22, 2010

Los Angeles:   The Los Angeles Police Department held a news conference today to remind people that the holidays are a busy time for everyone, thieves included. The message was reemphasized by LAPD  Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese, Operations-Valley Bureau.  “Everyone can help avoid being a victim of an auto-related property crime by remembering to Lock It, Hide It and Keep It,” he said.

Burglary thefts from motor vehicles and grand theft auto crimes continue to be the San Fernando Valley’s number one preventable crime.  The Lock It, Hide It, Keep It campaign was launched on Aug. 3, 2010, in response to increasing property crime rates.  After the initial launch, a second push to bring awareness to the problem was highlighted by a concerted effort from LAPD Mission Area officers and cadets, handing out flyers and educating shoppers at the Panorama Mall on Van Nuys and Roscoe Boulevards.  

Public education and perseverance is the key to success, as was demonstrated by that fact that during the two week period following the effort at the Panorama Mall, there was a 40 percent reduction in burglary thefts from motor vehicles and a 67 percent reduction in grand theft auto crimes.  An outstanding response from the community brought about an outstanding result and significantly reduced the property crime rate in the Valley.

Last year during the six-week holiday season between November 26 and January 5, thefts from vehicles increased by 12 percent over the previous six-week period. The goal of the Lock It, Hide It, Keep It campaign this year is to prevent that double-digit increase and to ensure the holidays remain a joyful time for all residential, business, and shopping communities by significantly impacting the ability for criminals to commit these types of crimes.

Here are a few important crime prevention tips that can drastically reduce the chance of becoming a victim, not just during the holiday season but every day:

Always lock your vehicle.
Do not leave valuables in plain sight (laptops, navigation systems, cell phones, glasses, etc.).
When parking on the street or in a parking lot, park in a well-lighted area.
Report any suspicious activity.
Be a good neighbor: check your car and your neighbor’s car on a regular basis.

The LAPD will do its part by providing a high-visibility presence and making arrests when possible. But we also need the public to do their part to help ensure that would-be car thieves will have fewer opportunities.  

Lock It:    Remember to always lock your vehicle.
Hide It:     If you have to leave valuables in your vehicle, hide them from plain sight.
Keep It:    As a positive reminder, remember that personal responsibility and prevention can safeguard your valuables from theft.