Homicide Investigation

April 3, 2001

Los Angeles – On Friday, November 10, 2000, between 1:30 AM and 7:30 AM, 45 year old Ronnie Aparicio was murdered at his residence located in the 3800 block of Vinton Avenue in the Pacific Area. Detectives believe the victim may have been murdered by a female suspect, possibly involved in a prostitution out-call, in-call service. Detectives have recovered a security video from a 7-11 store located approximately two blocks away from the victim’s residence. The November 10, 2000 video depicts the victim entering the 7-11 store in the company of a white female at approximately 1:10 AM, the same morning of the victim’s death. The detectives believe the female in the video may be the murder suspect or a key eyewitness in this case.
Pacific Homicide Detective Villa, has copies of the video coverage available for the media. Copies can be picked-up at Media Relations Section, 150 N. Los Angeles Street in Room 626. When viewing the video, it is important to note the victim and suspect. They both walk into the 7-11 store together. The victim, a male Hispanic, is wearing a black baseball hat, and a blue denim jacket with a red and white emblem on the back. The female and possible suspect, is White with blonde hair, and is seen wearing a black leather jacket and blue jean overalls. After they enter the store, the viewer will lose sight of them until they return to the front counter to make a purchase. At this time, you will see the victim and the female dancing at the counter. They then exit the store. The time indicated on the copy of the video is incorrect and is 1 hour ahead. The actual time of the occurrence is 1:10 AM.
The female in the video, or anyone who has information regarding the female in the video is requested to contact Pacific Area Homicide Detectives at 310-202-4506. Any questions regarding this press release or the video please contact Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.
This press release was prepared by Officer Hayley Purece, Media Relations Section.