Hundreds Arrested During Friday Night’s Protest NR20111jr

May 31, 2020

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department continues to assess the full extent of property damage from last night’s protest activities. Several police vehicles were vandalized, and numerous downtown businesses were damaged and looted.

A total of 533 arrests were made last night related to the protests. The charges include Burglary, Looting, Probation Violation, Battery on Police Officer, Attempt Murder and Failure to Disperse. All but 18 of the arrestees have released on their own recognizance.

Six Los Angeles Police Officers were injured during the protests on Friday night and early Saturday morning. They sustained non-life-threatening injuries ranging from lacerations to impact wounds.

As of this morning all restrictions in the downtown area have been lifted. While more protests are slated for various locations throughout the city today, we remain hopeful those demonstrations will be peaceful. The Department will be deploying additional resources to maintain order and ensure the safety and security of not only individuals exercising their first amendment rights, but also the residents and businesses in our community.

Chief Moore stated, “I am asking for all of Los Angeles to come together and find the ability to peacefully express individual and collective grievances while also maintaining the safety of all of Angelenos”.