Illegal Human Smuggling Operation Is Under Investigation

April 21, 2004

"Illegal Human Smuggling Operation Is Under Investigation"

Los Angeles: On April 20, 2004 at about 4:00 p.m., an anonymous person called Southeast Police Station from a payphone and advised the watch commander that there were a number of undocumented aliens, who were being held against their will, at 10931 Hickory Street. The caller also said that the suspects were armed with high-powered weapons.
Officers from Southeast Station were dispatched to investigate. When they entered the front gate, they saw several individuals run out of the back door. These individuals were later identified as smugglers. The officers found 70 to 80 undocumented aliens that were being held in poor conditions. The residence was filthy, smelly with no running water.
The investigation is being conducted by Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department, Robbery Homicide Division and by investigators from the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).
For more information please contact INS agent Virginia Kice 949 360-3096.
This news release was prepared by Public Information Officer Eduardo Funes, Media Relations section, at 213 485-3586.