Improper Use of Laser Pointer Results in an Arrest

June 19, 2000

Los Angeles: On Sunday, June 18, 2000, at approximately 11:36 p.m., Southeast Area, uniformed patrol Officer Jamie Bennett, 26 years old, five years with the Department and his partner Officer Rocky Rubalcava, 30 years old, four years with the Department, received a radio call of "unknown trouble" in the 10100 block of Beech Street, a large apartment complex. The officers searched the area for the address listed on the call, at which time Officer Bennett observed a laser light targeted at his upper torso. He then observed the laser light emanating from a second floor apartment window east of his location. Officer Bennett observed the shadow of a figure at the window behind the laser light, the laser light remained fixated on his upper torso. Officer Bennett fearing that he was being targeted by a laser-sighted firearm, fired one round at the figure in the window. The officers took cover, shortly thereafter a suspect exited the apartment and advised the officers that he was the person with the laser light. The officers took the suspect, a male juvenile into custody, and determined that there was no weapon in the residence.

No one was injured and the suspect was booked for 602 WIC 417.26 (c) P.C., (Laser Scope Pointed at a Police Officer). The suspect was detained at Juvenile Hall.

Robbery-Homicide Detectives, Officer Involved Shooting Team (OIS Team) is handling this investigation. For further information regarding this incident, please call Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.

This press release was prepared by Officer Marlo Lopez del Haro, Media Relation Section.

For Release 9:00 am PDT
June 19, 2000