Improving Motorcycle Safety during the Holidays All Motorist Must Do Their Part NR16380aj

December 7, 2016

As the holiday season approaches the Los Angeles Police Department West Traffic Division, would like to remind everyone that traffic safety is their responsibility. Each year hundreds of people are injured, sometimes fatally, due to preventable traffic collisions. This holiday season the Los Angeles Police Department would like to reduce the number of incidents involving vehicle, motorcycle, and pedestrian traffic collisions.

Motorcycle fatalities jumped dramatically in California from a decade low in 2010. California collision data reveals that primary causes of motorcycle-involved crashes include speeding, unsafe turns, and impairment due to alcohol and other drugs by both riders and drivers alike.

The Los Angeles Police Department would like to provide the following safety tips:

Motorcycle If you are a rider, take a rider training course and do your part to be seen in traffic by wearing your safety equipment to include reflective protective gear and a DOT standard helmet.

Drivers If you are a motorist, always look twice for riders and give them room on the road. Use your signal to alert both riders and drivers of your intention.

When you are behind the wheel, focus on the road. Distracted driving contributes to many needless collisions. Talking on the phone, texting, eating, and reaching for items, among other factors, are all serious distractions. Remember – It takes just one second to change a routine drive into a trip to the emergency room.

All drivers If you are driving, watch for pedestrians, and treat every corner as if it’s a crosswalk – it’s the law. Stop. Anticipate when and where pedestrians may be crossing – legally and illegally. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY – NEVER drive impaired.

MEDIA NOTES: To find out more information regarding traffic safety, contact the Los Angeles Police Department West Traffic Division (213) 473-0222.